Content Library

There's something for just about everyone, and more on the way. Take a look at all the content you can pick from when customizing your journal. If you would like a type of content that we do not currently offer, contact us and let us know. We're always taking suggestions.


Blank Pages

These pages will be left completely blank.


Checklists Pages

The checklist section provides lined pages with check-boxes for getting stuff done.


Type – Checklist pages come in a single or double column variety.

City Maps

City Maps Pages

Each map includes the required number of pages to provide a street-level view of the area with street names and landmarks.


Select a map – Select the map you would like to include from the list. To add more than one map, add another map section to your journal. The number of pages required for each map varies based on the size of the city selected.


Clothing Pages

The clothing section provides templates for designing a variety of apparel.


Type – This option determines the article of clothing template for each page. Each page will contain one template. Only one article of clothing can be selected per section.


Contacts Pages

The contacts section provides basic address book entry fields with a variety of customization options.


Type – The "minimal" layout includes just name, email, phone fields. The "traditional" layout adds an address field. The "webby" layout includes a field for a twitter username and website.

Cornell Notes

Cornell Notes Pages

The Cornell Notes method is a system for organizing notes which divides the paper into sections for notes, questions, and summaries.


Style – All Cornell Notes styles have the same 3 section layout, but you can choose whether you want lines, dot grid, or a blank area within those areas.

Daily Log

Daily Log Pages

The daily log provides one page per day in your selected date range with a variety of options for information to note about the day.


Day Range – Use the date range selector to define the days you would like included.

Day Number – This option will display a day number starting with the first day in your log shown as Day 1, Day 2, etc. The day number is separate from the date, which is always displayed on each page.

Location – This option will include a field in which you can write your location each day.


Food Pages

Food section content helps you plan your meals with grocery lists and recipe pages.


Template – Select Recipe pages for planning your cooking or grocery lists for organized trips to the market.


Games Pages

The games section includes printed templates for playing some of our old favorites: TicTacToe, Yahtzee, and Hangman.


Game – The TicTacToe template includes 8 games per sheet. The Yahtzee pages include 4 columns for keeping score. Hangman provides the gallows and the letters, you provide the word.

Isometric Grid

Isometric Grid Pages

Isometric grids have lines that create triangles with 60º angles. They are really handy for doing 3d drawings.


Grid Type – The grid can either be displayed as lines or just dots where the lines would intersect.


Lined Pages

The lined section provides basic lined pages in a variety of widths and either vertical or horizontal orientation.


Line Width – The lined section provides basic lined pages in a variety of widths and orientation.

Orientation – Select either a horizontal or vertical line layout.


Micro-Journaling Pages

The Micro-Journaling section type provides fields with limited space in which to record a "status update", "note to self", or any other fleeting thought.


Template – Pick your desired Micro-Journaling format.

Monthly Calendar

Monthly Calendar Pages

The monthly calendar provides a two-page spread for each month in your selected date range.


Month Range - Select start and end month – Use the date range selector to define the months you would like included.


Music Pages

The music section provides blank staff paper in a variety of clefs.


Clef – This option determines the clef displayed for each of the staves. Only one clef can be applied to each section.

Regional Map

Regional Map Pages

Two-page spread maps of various regions of the globe.


Select a map – Choose a region to include in your journal.

Square Grid

Square Grid Pages

The grid section provides lined or dot grid pages in a variety of widths.


Grid Size – This option determines the size of each box in the grid. "Quarter" = quarter inch squares. "Eighth" = eighth inch squares

Grid Type – The grid can either be displayed as lines or just dots where the lines would intersect.


Storyboards Pages

The storyboard section provides scene boxes in a variety of dimensions and arrangements.


Layout – This option determines the size and arrangement of the storyboard boxes on each page. 4x3, 16x9, 1x1, & 2.4x1 refer to the aspect ratio of the storyboards, while 2up, 3up, 6up, or 8up refers to how many of them are on each page.

Weekly Calendar

Weekly Calendar Pages

The weekly calendar provides a two-page spread for each week in your selected date range with a variety of layout options.


Week Range – Use the date range selector to define the weeks you would like included.

Layout – The "Business" layout provides more space for weekdays. The "Pleasure" layout provides more space for weekends. The "hour-by-hour" layout displays each day as a column with rows across for hours.


Wireframe Pages

The wireframes provide templates for digital interface design including web browsers, smartphones, and tablets.


Layout – iPad: One iPad template per page. iPhone/Two iPhones: Either one iPhone template oriented vertically or two iPhone templates oriented horizontally. Browser Hor./Vert.: One browser window template per page, oriented horizontally or vertically. w/12-col grid: Adds a 12 column grid.