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Bound Custom Journals 101
  • Who is Bound Custom Journals?

    Bound Custom Journals is Joel Sadler, Michael Faber, and David Faber – three travel, design, and adventure loving Durhamites on a mission to breathe new life into the timeless tradition of pen and ink. For more on the team, check out the bios.

  • How are they made?

    Bound custom journals are manufactured by hand using a three step process. First, the content you have selected is printed digitally on 100% post consumer recycled paper. Second, the printed pages are cut and prepared for binding as what we call in the industry a “book block.” Finally, the book block is hand-bound in the cover you have selected using a proprietary binding technique.

  • Where are the journals made?

    Each Bound journal is manufactured in Durham, NC.

  • What is the “Flexibull” cover all about?

    We were not satisfied with either a true hard back or flimsy soft back cover for our journals. Instead we took a little from both to make a semi-hard cover we call “Flexibull.” At first it looks like a hard back but then it is also bendable enough to curve into a back pocket. The name “Flexibull” was derived from the attributes of the cover and the mascot of the city in which the covers are made, Durham NC. The Bull City.

  • How long does it take to make a journal?

    Allow one week from the moment you place your order until your journal(s) are shipped.

  • How will I receive my journal?

    You will receive your journal in the mail via FedEx or USPS. We only use USPS for small orders weighing less than 13 ounces. All other orders will be placed through FedEx.

  • Where does Bound ship?

    We ship just about anywhere in the world – be it North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, or Australia. Perhaps Antarctica too but we’ve never tried.

  • How much is shipping?

    The cost of shipping depends on the type of shipping you select and the package destination. We ship internationally through FedEx or USPS, your choice. When you enter your ship-to address once you’ve built your journal the shipping options and prices are automatically calculated and displayed.

  • How can I contact Bound?

    Please contact us at anytime with questions, suggestions, or concerns here.

Making your journal
  • How do I start making a journal?

    Making a Bound journal is as simple as picking your journal and your content. To get started, select the type of journal you would like here.

  • How many pages are in a Bound Custom Journal?

    The Original Bound Journal and the Vegan Leather Journal each contain 140 pages. The Bound Memo includes 48 pages. These numbers are fixed, and optimized for the binding choices and ease of use. You’ll have to fill up the full number of pages for each particular product before you can purchase the journal.

  • What types of covers can I get on my journal?

    The Original Bound journal comes with a linen cover in your choice of several colors. The Vegan Leather Bound Journal comes in a brown or black faux-leather cover. The Bound Memo comes with a sturdy recycled card stock cover from French Paper Co.

  • How do I add a section to my journal?

    Once you have selected the journal size you would like, you can customize it by adding the type of content that you would like. To add a new section of content, click the “add section+” button that appears over the icon for the section you would like to add.

  • Can I rearrange my content?

    Yes you can. To rearrange your content, drag the sections you have added up or down in the list to rearrange. There is a handle on the left side of each section that looks like 3 short horizontal lines stacked up. Hover your mouse over that icon and you’ll be able to grab the section and move it wherever you want.

  • What if I want to add content that isn’t available?

    If you would like to add content that we do not currently have as an available option, please contact us to request it. We are always working to add options. Currently, we don’t have any way of adding your own sections to the journal either, however we hope to add this functionality soon.

  • If I leave the page and come back will my journal be saved?

    No. We’ll try to warn you so you don’t lose your progress, but if you leave the Journal Builder page before you’ve finished, it will be lost. However, once you fill up your journal and click Next to proceed to the cart, your journal is saved and you can come back to it as many times as you’d like before continuing through the checkout process.

  • How do I review the contents of my journals before placing an order?

    Once you have added all the content you want in your journal, proceed to the “review” step. At this point you can view the details and contents of your journal in a handy carousel view.

  • What is the Bound Custom Journal return policy?

    If you received damaged, defective, or incorrectly packaged items, contact us within 14 days to coordinate the return and replacement of your journal. At this time we are only able to offer exchanges. No refunds.

  • What if I lost my redemption code?

    If you have lost your redemption code, please contact us with your name, email, and any pertinent details you have.

  • How do I retrieve my account password?

    If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it here.

  • I’m a Kickstarter backer. Where do I enter my ‘Kickstarters’ log-in information?

    This one’s easy. You don’t. The ‘Kickstarters’ log-in was only needed while we were in beta. Now all you need to do is make your journal and enter the redemption code when you get to your shopping cart.

Bulk Order Questions
  • What happens if my bulk order doesn’t show up on time?

    In coordinating with you on a bulk order, we know that quick turnaround times and deadlines are par for the course, and we thrive on the rush. We guarantee that we’ll have your order out the door with the appropriate services (ground, air, overnight, etc) to make it on time to you, however once the package leaves our hands, it’s out of our control. If the shipping company has issues with the package, we will of course work to the best of our ability to help, however we cannot provide any refunds.